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In this blog I share some of my experience and knowledge in different subjects including marketing, mobile business, strategy, etc. I hope to keep a very practical approach so it can be useful to others in their daily work. If you want to get updates on new blog posts please [SUBSCRIBE] to this blog – Follow the guidelines from the
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Branding gone wrong – Abercrombie & Fitch

You can only go so far with marketing. Tell people you are cool, and the cool people, will think you are the absolute opposite of it. Read more on how it went with Abercombie & Fitch

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But do parents mind their children purchasing in-apps?

75% of Danish teen parents don’t mind their children doing in-app purchases! This survey has shown again why we should never make assumptions but instead strive to get hard data on target groups. Here you can see the results regarding how parents relate to advertising and in-app purchase by their children.

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Paying for apps : Survey on mobile apps, March to April 2013

More results from the survey on mobile apps (March-April 2013) Devices & preferred apps The majority use apps from their smartphone or tablet. Digging into the 12% stating that they do not use apps I couldn’t find a common ground  for the reasons they do not use: the majority had mobile devices and a very active Facebook use, showing that
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Technological Penetration : Survey on mobile apps, March to April 2013

Results of a survey from 2013 showing the penetration of mobile devices, globally and in US, US, Denmark and Brazil.


Survey on mobile apps soon available

Today I closed the survey with 503 respondents from 27 countries (Denmark 35%, Brazil 29%, UK 13% and USA 11%). The answers were collected through targeted adds on Facebook, Linkedin networks and groups, site database and virally through my personal network. 69% women 31% men The survey shows general data for online adults, however as the main focus is to
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Infografics Use of mobile apps in Brazil

Infographics – Use of mobile apps in Brazil (in Portuguese)

Infographics Results of the Brazilian survey on mobile apps, made March 2013 by VirtualSanity Infográfico com resultados da pesquisa sobre aplicativos móveis, feita em março 2013 por VirtualSanity – If you wish to see an English version, let me know and I will translate it  

Optimering af processer aflaster marketing for "brandslukningsopgaver", så der er ressourcer til at skabe større værdi til virksomheden

Marketing working smarter, not harder – A LEAN Management project

Presentation of a LEAN Manager main paper showing LEAN methodology applied in a marketing department context

YouTube video on "the old marketing model"

Old marketing model

I hope marketeers get the hint and start investing in real dialogue, or the divorce might end VERY expensiv Enjoy!

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The B2B true customer centricity looks at the consumer and not only at the customer

30-40 years ago or so marketing gurus such as Philip Kotler already pointed out the importance of customer centricity. However product development has mainly been driven by technology and the role of marketing was merely to “create the need” to match the company’s products. But time has proven Kotler and friends right, and business development is headed towards customer centricity,
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Klout score and online influencers

There is great focus on the social media landscape, and there are several marketers trying to understand the true value of social influence and which RODMI (Return of Digital Marketing Investment) could be expected from social media efforts[1]. Among many attempts, Klout, an online service was developed to try to measures the online influence of individuals, based on their ability
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